Wilson Technologies is no ordinary employer. For its employees, the company is as much a family and a community as it is a place to work. The Wilson culture is one of excellence and innovation and at the same time a culture of...caring. We're a company that cares about and takes care of our team in empowering and creative ways..from Wilson University to a balanced approach to life on the job and off.

At Wilson, we're always striving to improve personally and professionally. We want our people engaged, focused and invested. We challenge them to think. We challenge them to grow and to reach higher. Even to become great leaders.  And while it's true that we work hard, we also know how vital it is to take the time needed for ourselves and our family.  

We believe healthier, happier team members are the secret to great client service. They perform better...which translates to better support...which translates to happier clients...which helps the company grow...which provides more opportunities for all.  

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