Getting your packages to and from the right places on time can be crucial to the success of your organization. Let Wilson's expert Shipping and Receiving Management Team handle everything for you to save time, trouble and money.


Once an item is in our domain, it is safe, secure, accountable and tracked. Our attention to detail and tight quality control measures ensure accuracy throughout the process. To prevent high-value items from getting lost, stolen, or damaged, we have a secure room with 24/7 camera surveillance. Our secure hand-off process thoroughly documents and records every item so we always know what's coming and going.

Shipping services include:

  • State-of-the-art packing materials 
  • Crating and truck lift services for large items
  • Custom-built containers for extra large or highly fragile items
  • Barcoding
  • Door to door tracking

On the receiving end, Wilson provides significant cost savings by eliminating the need to pay for separate delivery services to get a package to its inter-office destination. We will process and deliver all items from the loading dock to the recipient within 24 hours. As a result, packages don't remain on the loading dock long, minimizing theft. 

Receiving services include:

  • Inter-office courier service
  • Secure room with 24/7 camera
  • Loading dock to recipient delivery
  • Guaranteed delivery within 24 hours

Leave the headaches, stress and tight deadlines of shipping and receiving management to us so you have the time and money to focus on your priorities.

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