The Wilson logo shows a man pushing a mountain with the slogan 'It's Possible' beneath it. We chose this message because we believe anything is possible and there is a solution to every problem. We specialize in solving complex problems using simple solutions. If we were to borrow a slogan, it would be 'THINK.' That's what we're always challenging our team members to do to create or improve a process, service, solution or situation. We might also borrow the slogan about being in 'good hands.' Because as a management solutions company, we're in the business of safeguarding and improving our clients' valuable operations.

Founded in 1997 by Derrick A. Wilson, Wilson's approach to business has always been centered on trust, integrity, hard work and a passion for 'raising the bar.' Our clients rely on us to manage  critical areas of their business for them and we work hard to surpass their expectations year after year. 


Wilson is known for its 'no worries' full-service management solutions. We can handle everything for you--staffing, equipment, supplies, vendors, logistics, research, reporting and much more. When you leave the managing to us, you get everything you need accomplished but without the headaches and inconveniences. Best of all, Wilson is cost-effective and can even make your operations more profitable.


More than anything, it's our relationship with our clients that distinguishes us from other companies. How do we consistently deliver great service? Believe it or not, it's by taking care of our employees. By supporting them, we get back great performance, loyalty and dedication to our company and our clients.  Bottom line, our business is all about serving you.

To ensure your satisfaction (and our own), we developed a simple Quality Assurance Program with a matching Quality Control Program to regularly monitor and evaluate our effectiveness. When you hire Wilson, you are given a dedicated Project Manager designated as your single point of contact to learn, listen, understand and ensure the accurate and timely delivery of services. Your Project Manager is empowered to make the decisions and commitments necessary to ensure we are attentive, responsive, precise and flexible in meeting your mission objectives.

Wilson's integrity-centered and thought-provoking corporate values serve as the blueprint that guides all our interactions internally and externally. As a result, our clients rely on us to deliver what we promise day after day.

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