The number of electric cars in the U.S. has been rising steadily in most states across the country. With the continuing interest in and growth of electric cars comes the need for more EV charging stations to meet the increasing demand.


If you wish to profit from the bourgeoning electric vehicle trend by providing EV charging systems on your property, Wilson is your comprehensive, one-stop source...from design to installation to maintenance and support.

Our professional team of Architects, Engineers, Electricians and Technicians will assist you in the following three stages:

Phase 1: Design

Wilson will perform an analysis and provide a detailed report to determine:

  • Best type of charger for your property
  • Is your property ready
  • Ideal layout or network of chargers for your property
  • Will modifications to your site be required
  • Best location and handicap accessibility
  • Costs

Wilson will even help you market and advertise/brand your chargers to increase their appeal to potential customers.

Phase 2: Installation

We offer the widest selection of the best, proven and easiest-to-use products on the market. As part of the installation process, Wilson will work with you to:

  • Schedule around your schedule
  • Conduct site prep work
  • Detail what to expect on the day of installation
  • Install and test software
  • Train appropriate staff

Phase 3: Maintenance/Support

You can expect excellent customer service and responsive, reliable support from your Wilson team. We stand behind every product and offer a generous warranty.

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